Treasures from Tea and a Fall Calendar

“What happened to July?”

A friend and I have been trying to get together for months and were determined we would see each other for lunch in July. Life brought interruptions and summer now moves into a new month. We’re aiming for August.

September will be here before we know it, and commitments will flood our fall calendars. We plan for the important, but the urgent and the necessary take over.

Maybe August is a good time to think about the potential fall brings. Thinking about potential, moved me to a tea memory. Stay with me.

I have several boxes of tea in my cupboard. One is particularly special. My “Juliette” tea is also known as a performance or display tea. If you opened the box, you’d see hand-sewn tea leaves formed into a ball. When you place the ball in a glass pot or jar, and pour hot water over it, the ball will slowly unfurl, eventually revealing a delicate hidden flower within the expanding leaves.

It held lessons for me. Hidden potential. Hidden opportunities. Hidden value. Tea leaves secretly held a beautiful flower.

August is a good time to think about fall plans and our calendar. Perhaps it’s a good time to look at last year’s calendar and pray about what needs to be adjusted, changed, eliminated, or added.  Is there a flower of two hidden and untapped potential and opportunities waiting to be unfurled?

Is today a good day to steep and find treasures? You may even hear yourself say, just like I did when I saw the flower appear.  “This is beautiful. I had no idea it was there.”